A Museum in the Forest, Telling the Tale of Clay

About the Museum


The Museum of Ceramic Art, Hyogo is located in "Tambayaki-no-Sato", a region registered as a Japan Heritage containing one of Six Ancient Kilns. The museum was opened in 2005. It has the joint aims of promoting ceramic and porcelain culture and deepening exchange between individuals through these arts. As well as holding four special yearly exhibits to introduce ceramics and porcelain ware from Japan and around the world, the museum also collects materials and performs investigative research. It also proactively works to educate people about these two forms of art. Its efforts include cultivating individuals that will become the next-generation of artists, collaborating with schools, and holding ceramics workshops and classes on ceramic culture etc. The museum also collaborates with the local area to hold events, thereby contributing to the revitalization of the Tambayaki-no-Sato area.



  • Address
    4 Kondacho, Kamitachikui, TambaSasayama, Hyogo Prefecture 669-2135
  • Contact
    Phone: 079-597-3961
    Fax: 079-597-3967

Museum Projects

Art Gallery / Museum
  • Collecting ceramic works •Preservation •Exhibits (ancient ceramic ware through to modern ceramic art)
  • Academic investigations / research •Collection and dissemination of information
Exchange / Cultivation of Talent
  • Talent cultivation initiatives (specialized technical classes, supporting famous artists to be artists in residence, etc.)
  • Creation / learning initiatives (ceramics workshops, classes on ceramics culture)
  • Collaborative projects with schools / society (collaboration with schools etc., development of educational programs and materials for practical learning)
Other Projects / Initiatives
  • Renting out of museum / events and other exchange events / regional revitalization activities


Exhibition Wing

The Exhibition Wing can be accessed from the third floor of the Entrance Wing. It features two exhibition rooms on the first floor, another two on the second, and one basement exhibition room, for a total of five rooms. These exhibition rooms are used to hold special exhibits where a wide range of ceramic works from both Japan and around the world are introduced. The museum also holds themed exhibits where ceramic and porcelain ware from our over 2,000 item collection are displayed.

Information on our exhibits for this year can be found here

Entrance Wing

This is the entrance to the museum. As you enter, the information / ticket booth is located on the left, with studios for creative activities located on the right. Studios are used for workshops etc., and feature electric potter's wheels, electric and gas kilns, as well as kneading machines. The second floor features an observation deck, as well as our dining cafe "Kokuzo". Our wide-open observation deck provides excellent views of Mt.Wadenji, as you look out over the Tambayaki-no-Sato area with its many clusters of kilns.

Link for Restaurant(Japanese)

Training Wing

The Training Wing differs from the other tiled-roof and plaster wings. Its frosted glass has been designed in the image of a Japanese shoji paper door. It can be accessed from the right-hand side of the second floor of the Entrance Wing. The seminar rooms on the first floor are used for lecture meetings relating to exhibits and ceramics, as well as for lectures and other efforts to educate people about this field. They are also used for creative activities, music recitals, concerts, and other presentations. The second floor conversation lounges can also be used for small meetings.

Management Wing

Features a reference room and community gallery (exhibition space), as well as the Director and Vice-Director's offices, curators' offices, other staff offices, and a janitor's room, etc.

Teahouse (Genan)

A teahouse that stands quietly in the southern-most corner of the museum. The teahouse is 8-tatami and features table and chair seating to allow for a full tea ceremony experience.